13 Motivational Quotes about Winning

Everyone loves a winner.

It's more than the fact they are winners. They are a winner because of the way they win, the almost-heroic feats that enable them to do so, and the hard work, dedication, and discipline that go into making them win. These are the people we admire, from athletes we idolize to hard-working entrepreneurs.

By aiming for the extraordinary, you can also become a great success. These 13 motivational quotes will help you to find the greatness in yourself and inspire you to win your next victory.

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Winning is fun .... Sure. However, winning is not the goal. The point is to want to win. The point is not to give up. The point is to never give up. "Pat Summitt: Never be satisfied with what you have done.

  1. Almost doesn't count3. Timing is everything.

I do my best to do the right thing at every moment. These may seem like small things, but they can make all the difference in winning or losing." --Kareem Abdel-Jabbar

  1. It's more that a prize. "Winning does not always mean being the first." "Winning means that you are doing better than ever before," --Bonnie Blair

  2. No matter how discouraged you are, don't lose heart. You can't give up, no matter how you feel inside. A steady look of control and confidence can help you win, even if you are behind.

"Winning is not everything. But wanting it is." -Arnold Palmer

It's not about winning to compete at the highest level. It is about preparation, courage and understanding your people. "Winning is the outcome." Joe Torre

I don't believe winning can be achieved overnight. "Winning is something that builds your physical and mental strength every day you train and every night you dream." --EmmittSmith. Show Me Cash - Ready to Become a Winner Today?