Best Starting Settings For Stellaris

The United Nations of Earth is a great empire to begin with as a beginner. It's simple and easy to learn. While you can change the appearance, name, traits and many other things at the empire screen, it is best to learn the basics of the game by accepting the defaults.

The keys to early success are exploration and expansion as well as research into building resource-enhancing buildings and rapid population growth.

Once you have selected an empire to play, you will be taken to the game details screen. Although there are many options available for beginners, these are the best options to help you learn the basics. It can be difficult to learn how to play Stellaris. I have written a whole page on how to play Stellaris.

The Galaxy size should be set to 400 stars. This allows you to avoid micromanagement and still have a lot to learn. This will give you a good idea of how managing an empire in Stellaris works. It's important to remember that a little goes a long way when you want to keep things under control.

An Elliptical galaxy should be the default game option. You should leave it at that. A spiral galaxy can make you feel like you are being dominated by your neighbors, and a circle galaxy might give you more options for tactical decisions than you want when you learn the game.

You can set the AI empires to 4 so you have a few to compete with. However, you don't want to have too many empires in a small galaxy. It could get really ugly. This is how many AI-controlled empires you will be competing with.

Advanced AI Starts should be set to 0. This will determine how many other enemy empires have a head start on yours, in terms of technology and population. Their advantage is their better starting position. There's no reason to struggle when learning the game.

Marauder Empires should be turned off. They are unruly neighbors who engage in a lot of fighting between themselves. They are known for their ability to attack you and your neighbors, and they will often fight for hire.

You can leave or increase the Tech/Tradition costs to 1x. It will take you longer to complete your research if it is set to a higher value. This is a quick game so you don't want it to take longer than the normal speed.

Habitable Worlds should be set to 1.25x. This will give you a slight increase in the likelihood of finding habitable worlds. The faster you colonize, the easier it will be to run an empire. Colonization is fun!

You can set the Primitive Empires setting to 1x.

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You should set Crisis Strength at.75x and lower. This is the end of the game. This setting reduces the threat of enemy fleets arriving during an end-game crisis. It's fun to play, but it can be frustrating if they just come in your galaxy and sweep the floor with you. This will give a beginner a chance at beating it.

Accept the defaults for the Mid and End year, as well as the Victory year (2300-2400, 2500, 2500). The game will calculate the Victory Year, but you can still play if you wish.

Difficulty is one of the most important settings. Set the Difficulty at Cadet for a starting game. You get bonuses for your economy, research, or naval capabilities. This gives new players a slight advantage over the AI. Habi Table Bets