Blackjack is a very popular casino game where you can play against the dealer. Although the game is enjoyable, it's not as easy as other casino games like slots. You need to have some strategy and skill. You can use simple or more advanced tips to lower the house edge and increase your chances of winning.

This page will provide you with some helpful tips that will help you not only improve your game, but also increase your chances of winning.

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Basic Blackjack Tips

These are some basic tips to help you improve your blackjack playing. Let's start by discussing some general tips and then we will move on to more specific tips about how to play blackjack when you have certain hands.

Know the basics before you start playing. Learn more about blackjack on our website.

Manage your bankroll. This is an additional thing you should be aware of, besides knowing the game. Spread your wagers out carefully. If you're a beginner, it may be a good idea to place low bets at first. This will allow you to feel the game and you have enough money to continue.

It is crucial to learn how to stop losing, especially when you are in the middle or at the beginning of a losing streak. If you continue to go on, you could lose more than you should have. If you are ahead, quitting can work - you will still be able to keep your winnings and you won't lose them all.

You should not gamble for real money on blackjack if you're drinking. You could lose more money if you drink and it can cloud your decision-making abilities.

A small video illustrating some of the basics.

Casual blackjack players have been asking me a lot lately. They don't want any instruction on how to count cards but want simple tips to increase their chances of winning. These tips are not going to swing the odds in your favour, so I decided to share them. This requires you to learn about card counting. These tips will help you increase your chances of catching a lucky run and preserving your money.

These blackjack tips are not applicable to all card counters. You should be able to identify the right times to oppose these tips if you have good card counting strategies.

These 17 Tips:


Tip #1: Learn the correct strategy! For beginners, nothing is more important than this. For more information, see Basic Strategy Charts.

Tip #2: Never play blackjack at 6:5. Keep your eyes open for games that pay 3:2. A blackjack game that pays 3:2 per deck is better than a 6-deck blackjack game.

Tip 3 - Fewer decks are better than many. This is true only if both games have the same rules. If a casino's 6-deck game has identical rules, then the double-deck game will have better odds.

Tip #4: Try to find the most efficient table rules. You want the dealer to be on "Soft 17". Play where you can surrender, whether you are playing an 8-deck or 6-deck game.

Tip #5: Never use the risky Martingale Betting System, which requires you to double your stake if you lose. You can lose a lot of hands at once, and you will. While you may be able to survive for a while with the Martingale you will soon lose all your previous winnings and more.

Tip #6: Playing at lower stakes does not necessarily mean that you will lose less in the long-term. You may lose 2% if you play $20 per hand at a 6/5 table. This could lead to a 40C/loss per hand. You're at a disadvantage of.26% if you play a high limit game such as the 6-deck at Aria Casino Las Vegas. This is a loss of 26C/100 bets. It is evident that the $100 bet will lose less than the $20 bet over time.

Tip #7: Don't get insurance! Insurance is a bad idea, no matter how big or small your hand is. Only 4 of the 13 cards that could be used to give the dealer a blackjack will result in an ace. This is a 30% chance of getting a blackjack. A losing bet is one where you only get paid 2:1. Insurance is great for advanced players who use a card counting system.

Tip #8: A dealer who shows a 5-6 is more likely than a bust to make a hand. You shouldn't double your 7-card limit just because a dealer is showing a 6 or 5. Sometimes you may be dealt a smaller card, and you want to get another hit. This situation is more common than you might think.

Tip #9: Never stand on your Soft 17. This hand can't bust by taking any hit, and it cannot push against a dealer 17 if it stands. This hand can only be a hit or double.

Tip #10: The dealer can't decide if you win or lose. Don't get mad at the dealer if things aren't going your way. The dealers want you to win, and they will do anything to make tips.

Tip #11: Don't base your decisions or emotions on gut feelings or emotions. You should know what you are going to bet on and how you plan to play.

Tip #12: Make the right play, regardless of how big your bet is. You don't have to place your largest bet on the table if you want to avoid getting busted. You should play the hand and not the money.

Tip #13 - When playing for comps you should sit at a full table. This will allow you to play more without taking on too much risk and slow down the game.

Tip #14: Don't use the surrendering option too often. A 16 is the best surrender against a dealer's 9, 10, or Ace. A 15 against a dealer 10 is the worst. This assumes you are not counting cards and playing multi-deck games. If you're card counting, you should be able to recognize all the surrender plays that maximize this great player option.

Tip #15 - Never double 4,4. This is a hit only if you are facing a 5-6, then it's split. Strangely, players who would never double a 3,5 and 2,6 will suddenly want to double the 4,4. Don't do it!

  • This rule only applies to single-deck games where you cannot split after splitting. Only then can you double 4,4 against a dealer's 5, or 6. Remember that most people won't be playing games like this.

Tip #16: Whether the table is winning or losing does not affect whether it will continue to win.

Tip #17 - Never go all-in. Always make sure you have enough money to split or double your hand. There are few things more painful than being dealt two aces and not having enough money for splitting, then getting hit with two facecards, and finally busting. Full size blackjack table