Pick 4 Florida Lottery

It is very simple to play the Florida [Lottery Pick 4.](https://healingwavetherapies.com/there-is-more-to-draw-with-the-pick-4-than-with-any-other-lottery-game/) You can play the online lottery twice daily, Midday and Evening. You can play Pick 4 online, or in-store.

How to win the Florida Lottery Pick 4

It's very simple to play. A top prize of $5000 is possible. You simply need to choose numbers between 0000 and 9999 to join the draw. It can be played every day, twice daily. You can play it in two ways.

An authorized Florida Lottery retailer.

You can create a play slip by using the Florida Lottery app.

These are the steps to better winning and playing.

First, choose any two numbers between 0000 and 9999.

Next, choose the type of play you wish to have: Straight, Box or Straight/Box.

Choose the amount ($0.50, $1) that you wish to play for. All Straight/Box plays are $1; Combo play costs $2 to $24.

Fireball can increase your chances of winning.

Choose the time of draw: evening, midday or both.

You can play the same numbers in more than one draw by simply telling the retailer.

Select the number of draws you want in the Advance Play section on your play slip.

Two drawings are held each day at Midday and in the evening.

You can win the top prize of $5000 on a Straight play with $1 ticket, $1198 for a box play, $3,099 in a Straight/Box play and $50 for either a Front Pair, Mid Pair or Back Pair play.

Half of the $1 play prizes can be availed on $0.50 tickets.

How do I Claim?

  • Florida lottery retailers can instantly pay prizes less than $600 in person.

Secure drop-off at any Florida Lottery District Office can be claimed for prizes equal to or greater than $600

  • You can also claim your prize by mailing your play ticket to the Florida lottery office.

  • Winners of more than $600 must complete the winner claim form and provide documentation of their identity.

  • View the drawings of Pick 4

Florida Lottery can help you if you're playing this game, and if you want to see the Pick 4 results, then get in touch.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

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