Free Interactive Lotto Wheel 3003

For a 3 of 4, win, wheel 11 Lotto Numbers in 10 sets

Gail Howard's Interactive 30-Second lotto balanced wheel(r) 3003 is available for free! You get a free lottery wheel 3003 that allows you to choose from 11 lotto numbers in 10 combinations. Our lotto wheels are able to give you more chances of winning than the minimum guaranteed. John Edmunds and Pat McDevitt proved this.

Instructions for the Wheel

Click on the 11 boxes to the right of the numbers you wish to wheel (only select numbers from your game's number fields).

Oder, type your 11 numbers into the box with letters

Click to generate combinations

You can play the 10 combinations that have been automatically generated.

If four of the five winning numbers fall within the 11 you choose to wheel, you will win at least a three-number lotto prize.

Learn More about Wheel 3003

This wheel can only be used for Powerball/Mega Millions-type games and pick-5 lotteries. This wheel works with any pick-5 game that has numbers up to 99. However, if you have fewer numbers than this, make sure you only choose the numbers that are available in your chosen game. For Florida Fantasy 5, for example, limit your options to 1 through 36 and leave out numbers 37 through 99.

The wheel must have 11 numbers selected. However, it is fine to select more numbers than that - every pick-5 lottery actually has more than 11. Gail Howard suggests that you wheel less than half of the numbers in your game. You don't need to search for a wheel with as many numbers as possible. For more information, see our FAQ on how many numbers you should wheel.



This wheel can be used for Mega Millions, Powerball, and other similar format games.

You can use the lotto wheel to win Powerball Mega Millions, Euro Millions and other similar formats. Treat the five main balls like any other pick-5 game. You should not wheel Megaball, Powerball, or any other bonus ball. After you have filled out the wheel, choose a few bonus numbers to add to your tickets.

It would take six numbers to be re-wheeled if you used each Bonus Ball. This would result in expensive, high-risk wheels that have very low chances of winning. Disastrous Combination Of Numbers For Pick 5 Lotto 21