A 3-Time Lotto Winner can win Must Win Lotto Systems


The Must Win Lotto Systems is the smartest way to play lotto. It's based on a 3-time winner of Lottery - with a win of some kind guaranteed!

Is there a smarter way to play Lotto? Absolutely!

You still need a lot of luck. This is why you need to get all the help you possibly can. Think about it: If you want to learn how to play tennis, guitar, or any other skill in the world, would you not take lessons from someone who is an expert? As someone who has been awarded the First Prize three times.

Let's now see how we can increase your chances of winning any lottery worldwide by using a Lotto Syndicate Club SuperEntry.

Join a group. You have a better chance of winning if you buy more tickets. But it goes beyond that. A decent level of playing Capital is necessary to allow for a well-organized entry (see below).

STOP trying to pick the numbers, instead organize ALL NUMBERS. In Australia's Pick-6, Lotto, 45-ball and Pick-6 games (Saturday to Wednesday), you will find 5 x System 9's that cover all 45 numbers. This means you have all 8 winning numbers (6 main + two supplementary) spread across 5 sets of 9 numbers. You can play 3 x System 15, which covers all 45 numbers. All 8 winning numbers are spread across 3 sets of 15. However, you may not want to play 3 x System 15's, as shown below in the mathematics of System entries.

Another alternative is to play single games that are mathematically organized to produce a win. This is a complex task, but we can provide the numbers in exchange for a share of your Lotto Syndicate. I will organize the numbers, and the Organizer will receive a lotto share. This is just an example.

To guarantee First Prize in Australia's Oz Lotto, you need to play 45,379620 games. This is the number of 7-number combinations that exist in 45 numbers. Our mathematically constructed models show that a minimum of four of the seven winning numbers will need to be generated by just 510 games. You START knowing that you must have at least 4 winning numbers before a ball draws. This guarantees a payout.

Only $20 million or more is enough to win the First Prize. If 20 people fund a larger entry and it wins, everyone still gets $1 million (provided that there is only one winner).

We observe the Natural Laws for Lotto.

  1. A game with 3 odd numbers + 3 odd numbers is THRIFTY times more likely than one that has 6 numbers all of the same or 6 numbers all of the same.

3-odd + 3-even - drawn 327 times (33%)

4-odd + 2-even - drawn 258 times (26%)

2-odd + 4-even - drawn 238 times (24%)

Total, 823 of the 1,000 most recent draws were recorded.

5-odd + 1-even - drawn 93 times (9%)

1-odd + 5-even - drawn 64 times (6%)

6-odd + 0-even - drawn 9 times (>1%)

0-odd + 6-even - drawn 11 times (>1%)

  1. 463 times was drawn a game with NO consecutive numbers

A game with 2 consecutive numbers was drawn 399 Times

54 times was drawn a game with 3 consecutive numbers

It is unlikely that a game with 4, 5, or 6 consecutive numbers will be drawn in all 1,000 games.

There are many other Consecutive patterns. However, the only one that is of any note is 2 sets 2 Consecutives. This pattern was drawn 72 times in 1,000 draws.

When putting together Number Sets, there are TEN additional number patterns that we consider. While others may be trying to pick numbers, we take into account statistically proven factors such as:

A game with NO Consecutive numbers has been drawn 463 times, while a game with 2 consecutive numbers has been drawn 399 times. This makes 862 games total. Although it isn't perfect, 86% of the times it works for me.

Each ball has a limit in the other 10 numbers patterns. The lowest ball was between 1-12 for 865 draws.

From where do we get this amazing lotto intelligence? This is the best lotto analysis available. Although it does require some learning, it is an important factor in my 3 First Prizes. It allows me to predict what is most likely.

We will be concentrating on examples of Australian Lotto Syndicates Online. However, no matter where you live or what lottery you play, you can create Must Win Lotto Systems.