Pick 3 Lottery (UK), How to Play, Prizes and Odds

Choose 3

Pick 3 is an online casino game where you can win up EUR500 by matching three numbers between 0 and 9. This gives you a 500x return on your investment. There are many ways you can play Pick 3, and you have the option to choose how much to wager. Find out more about Pick 3, see the latest results, and how you can participate in Pick 3 from the UK or other countries.

How to Play

You can play the Pick 3 lottery online by following the steps below. You can still enter until the draw takes place. Every day, the winning numbers are chosen at 3:00 PM, 6PM and 9 PM.

You can pick three numbers between 0 to 9 or choose Quick Pick to get random numbers. While you may pick the same number multiple times, some types of bets can limit the amount of prize money that you can win as well as the cost of playing (see the "3-Way" and "6-Way Bets" sections on this page).

  • Select your type of bet from the following options: Straight/Box, Straight/Box/Combo, Combo or Pair. Each type of bet offers different prizes and different ways to win.

  • Decide how much money you would like to place. How much you win will depend on how big your bet is.

  • Select which draw you wish to enter. You can choose to play in either the evening draw or the afternoon draw.

  • Choose how many weeks you wish to play. You can either enter one draw or subscribe for future draws.

  • Sign up for an account, or create one. Deposit funds and pay for your entries.

Prizes and odds of winning

Choose 3 offers fixed prizes that are based on different types of bets and amounts. For example, EUR0.50 straight bets offer EUR250. The prize for a EUR1 bet is EUR500. You will be awarded the amount shown in this table regardless of whether there are any other winners in the same draw.

3-way and 6-way prizes

You can influence how much you win and how much you pay to play by the numbers you choose. Apart from Straight and Pair bets, all other bets can be split into one of the two types: 3-way (or 6-way)

A 3-way bet occurs when two numbers are identical and one number is unique. For example, 112. Because there are three possible combinations of these numbers, it's called a 3-way wager.

You can place a 6-way bet by selecting three numbers, such as 123. Six combinations are possible: 123-132, 213, 231, 312 and 321.

A 3-way bet has a higher chance of winning than a 6-way, which means it is more difficult to win. However, the good news about it is that you will get paid more for a 3-way than a 6-way.

Combo bets are a different type of bet. You pay to place Straight bets on all combinations of your numbers when you play a Combo. For example, a 3-way Combo pays for three Straight bets. A 6-way Combo allows you to play six Straight bets.

A 6-way Combo bet costs twice as much as a 3-way one, but your chances of winning are halved. Combo payouts for 3-way and 6-way bets are identical.

Claiming Pick 3 Prizes

When you win the Pick 3 lottery prize, you will receive an email notification. You will receive the money straight to your online betting account. There is no risk of losing out on a prize. You can claim the prize by logging in to your online account. The winnings can be withdrawn to your bank account, or used to pay for future entries.