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A brief description

Spelling Bingo is a game that helps students learn how to spell words.


Students will

Play a game to help them revise their spelling words before the weekly test.


BINGO, spelling, review, game

Materials Required

Spelling BINGO card (provided).

Lesson Plan

This lesson is a fun and easy way to review spelling words prior to a test or any other time. This game can also be used to practice commonly misspelled words!

You can write on a chart or board the spelling words for the week or the words that you have chosen to review. At least 24 words are required. Supplement the weekly spelling list with at least 24 words if your students have a list of ten words.

Words from the previous weeks

Timely holiday words

News: Words in the news

These words are related to an upcoming unit of science or social studies.

Commonly misspelled words. (View additional sources for frequently misspelled words: Everyday Spelling, List of Commonly Misspelled WORDS (click on your grade level), and 100 Most Often Misspelled English Words.

Each student should be given a blank Spelling BINGO Card. Students should write one word for each BINGO card. Students might be able to exchange cards with their partners to double-check their spelling.

Cover the text on the chart or board. Next, ask one student to stand so that he/she cannot see the words on a card. You can then randomly call out one word from this list. You could also have written each word on a slip and placed them in a hat. Draw one slip at the time. Speak the spelling word. Correctly spelling the word by standing student, students can cover it or X it on their cards. Students are not allowed to mark the word on cards if the student misspells the word.

Next, you will need to call another student and draw a word from the hat.

Play until you have five marked squares. The student should call BINGO when that happens.

Once the student has called out each word, the game isn't over. The words must match the words in the hat. Next, the student must correctly spell each word covered. The game will continue if the student cannot spell all the words correctly. Keep playing until the next student calls BINGO! When a student spells correctly all the words in his or her BINGO, the game is over.


This game reinforces week's spelling words. All students must score at least 80 percent on test day. Practice Spelling With a Bingo Game