Top 10 Mistakes in Tournaments

This article will cover the 10 most common mistakes made by beginners in online tournaments like Sit and Go (SNG, ST), Double or Nothing, DON (DON), and Multi Table Tournaments.

  1. Tournament Mistake: Too many hands

This is a common mistake made by poker players in both cash games and SNGs, as well as other online tournaments. You should play tight in the first blind level and fold all of your hole cards. You should only play the top 20% of all your starting hands. It is okay to play a lower percentage of starting hands, such as 15% or 10%. This is better than playing too many hands.

It doesn't matter whether you've seen a pro poker raiser on TV with 86 suited to middle position. This is why he might be a pro at playing such hands. However, you'll lose money long-term if you play speculative poker hands without the knowledge of a pro.

You should only play the following starting hands during the first blind levels of a poker tournament.

Position 1: Play (and raise) only high pairs (AA/KK, QQ/JJ, AK, and AK). You can also add TT or AQ to your starting hand if you are looking to lose some weight.

Late and middle position: You can also limp the low and middle pairs, as well as the suited connectors, in order to make a big hand on the flop. If you are able to hit a strong set or draw, continue playing the hand until the flop. Pay attention to aces that have low kickers and hands like king-jack. When they hit the flop with their hole cards, beginners are often unable to put down such a hand. Chances are that you will meet an opponent who has a dominant hand (ace with a better kicker) even if your hand is successful.

Tournament Misktake 2 - Tilt

Tilt, also known as "tilting", is a deviation from your best game, your "A"-game. Tilt is most common during a session. Tilt is when a player loses several games in a row and has a favorite hand (e.g. QQ vs. AA). Tilt players often play too many hands and are too aggressive. They want to "pay it back" to the person to whom they have lost large amounts of money. This can be dangerous because people on tilt often lose more chips.

It is important to a) recognize that you are playing tilted and b) reverse your position quickly or stop playing poker for a while. It's better to take a break than lose even more money.

  1. Tournament Mistake: Too Many Tables

It's very easy: You can earn one dollar by playing one SNG/STT, which takes one hour. If you play three Sit and Go's simultaneously, you'll earn three dollars an hour. Multi-tabling 30 SNG's will result in you not earning 30 dollars an hour. Each table you add reduces the amount of attention you can give to each SNG. You will make more mistakes if you play at the same table as others and you will be timed more often. If you fold a high-pocket pair of cards by mistake, it is a serious error.

We recommend that you gradually increase the number you play at each table until you feel comfortable enough to make sure you are making the right decision every time. You can decide if you want to play at two SNG's, six SNG’s, or twelve SNG’s.

Tournament Mistake 4 - Not paying full attention to the Games

Sit and Go's and other tournaments require that you focus solely on poker. It is impossible to simultaneously play your A-game as well as perform other tasks. Online poker is a way to make money. Online poker is a way for your opponents to make money. You can also make money by playing worse than you. The more you focus on poker, the better your game. These distractions can cause you to lose money, such as watching TV, texting, messaging, or surfing the Internet.

  1. Tournament Mistake: Bankroll Management Not Being Payed Attention

Many novice poker players don't realize the high variance of tournaments like Sit and Go's and Double or Nothing or Multi Table Tournaments. Even a professional poker player can reach a break-even stage of 300 SNG's, or drop 30 or more buy ins.

You must ensure that your bankroll management is done correctly. You can play limits with 50, 100, or 200 buy-ins depending on your bankroll management strategy. You can't play tournaments if you have less than 10$ buy-ins if you have a 1,000$ bankroll. You will need to play tournaments with a buy in of at least 5$ if your bankroll falls below 500$. This rule will ensure that you have at least 100 buyins and minimize your chance of losing.

Tournament Mistake 6 - Using a Two-Colored Deck of Cards

You might be astonished to see a four-colored deck of cards (with green for clubs, and blue for diamonds), at first. Two-colored decks are best for live games. A four-colored deck of cards greatly reduces the chance of losing your own flush or being caught unawares by an opponent who may have a flush. Multitabling can also be greatly facilitated by a four-colored deck.

Online poker sites allow you to play with four-colored decks. Switch to a four-colored card deck to simplify your game. You will not be at a disadvantage if you switch to a four-colored deck.

Tournament Mistake 7 - Playing too passive

If a player is not taking the initiative often, he plays passively. Passive poker players often call bets but make few calls and raise themselves.

Poker players have two chances to win a hand: you can either have the best hand or you can bet/raise all your opponents and lose. Passive play will result in you losing the second chance to win a hand.

Tournament Mistake 8 - Not taking care of your position at the table

Your position at the table matters greatly and is one of the key drivers of SNG players' ROI. If you're seated "under-the gun", a hand like ace-nine suited can be folded. If you have the same hand on your button as all other players, you can raise with that hand.

Statistics show that the closer you are to the button, your win rate is higher. This effect is stronger in Sit and Go tournaments. You will need to play all-in every time you see the blinds rise. You have a better chance of winning the blinds with fewer showdowns if you only have the small and large blinds to your left.

Tournament Mistake 9 - Believing in "Luck"

Superstition is a bad idea in any game that has a chance of bringing you luck. As poker is a game in which the best players make the most correct decisions and the fewest mistakes, it is dangerous to believe in luck. All of your decisions must be rationally justified. Fishes won't say things like, "I had a good feeling" and "I called because I haven't had my last flush in a while".

Tenth Tournament Mistake: Not Taking advantage of Bonus Offers

New players will find great sign-up bonuses at all online poker sites. Bonuses can be described as a form of free money. You get them by playing enough hands. This is why it is a huge mistake to lose these bonuses. Take a look at our poker table and see if you can get a great bonus. Poker Tournament Mistakes